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Mobile Development

The success of our clients is significant to us. We are aware that every company is unique. We develop highly individualised plans that adhere to the objectives and needs of our clients' businesses. Our extremely talented and skilled web design team develops dynamic, perceptive User Interface Designs that put a strong emphasis on user retention and development, which is the key to creating great user experiences.


UCK Websolution has established an exceptional name in the IT industry because to its years of experience and specialisation. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of every client, anywhere. We concentrate on the three Ds: design, development, and distribution.

The amazing iOS performance-intensive designs and great, faultless UX/UI skills provided by our expert developers result in exceptional, high-quality apps. We create applications using the IDE Xcode 8, the languages Swift 3.0 and Objective C, and cutting-edge UX/UI interfaces. We have worked really hard to achieve success, and we are proud of the countless iPhone and iPad applications we have created. Our company develops apps in the following categories:

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UCK Websolution has established a reputation as a top creator of cutting-edge, captivating Android applications that let companies scale their enterprise requirements in accordance with their strategic goals. We have developed a portfolio of immensely popular Android and Tab applications that are built to scale and offer consumers better synchronisation.

Technology is our stronghold, so we give our customers a wide range of dependable technology stacks to pick from that support your business plan and offer high-performing solutions on well-liked platforms like Android. With our extensive research and data flow diagrams, give your apps a fresh new look. We specialise in working with the most recent and sophisticated Android versions, including:

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Not only do we offer our clients unmatched service, but we also make sure to keep up with rapidly changing technology, such as React Native App technologies.

Without the need for additional code, our team at UCK Websolution can provide your software on iOS and Android platforms thanks to the amazing, mind-blowing technology known as React Native. a JavaScript-based open source framework that is relatively new and responsive by nature, created by Facebook and Instagram. React Native displays API rendering on both platforms due to its clear abstraction layer, giving our clients the following advantages:

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The gaming industry has completely changed, becoming a billion-dollar industry and the main reason for gaming's growing popularity. Our game development specialists at UCK Websolution stay up to date on the latest gaming trends to guarantee that they are always available to offer unrestricted support throughout the various stages of game creation. We provide cutting edge technology to our clients so they can transform their innovative and fascinating thoughts into interactive games for iOS and Android platforms.
Game Development for Android

Android is one of the most popular game systems, supporting more than 70% of smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. Action, arcade, puzzle, instructional, social, real-time strategy, role-playing, and card games are just a few of the genres our designers and developers create in interactive 2D and 3D games. Certain technologies that we employ

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The amount of time spent online is not only rising, but it is also evolving and adjusting to how businesses are conducted. The need to update and enhance online applications is a result of this transition. In order to develop user-friendly, efficient web apps that will assure the growth of your company, we at UCK Websolution stay current with emerging technology. We are leaders in the creation of web application services that are at the pinnacle of usability, scalability, and compatibility, ensuring that our clients enjoy rewarding, long-lasting relationships. We've made a commitment to concentrating on the following things:

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